Advisory Solutions

Astor Asset Management’s financing and liquidity team cooperates with independent advisors that provide advisory wealth management services to an array of clients that prefer to maintain full control over the management of the investment assets in their portfolios. This collaborative structure allows our team members to devise alternative liquidity options. Clients are then able to balance those options with the advice of independent third-party global advisors, who incorporate our financing and liquidity options into their advisory wealth management strategies.

We begin every advisory solution client engagement by developing an understanding of each client’s unique short- and long-term financial needs. We assess a client’s wealth perspectives, multi-generational goals, and tolerance for risk. The client’s licensed professional wealth management advisors then add Astor Asset Management’s customized financing and liquidity plans as alternatives that align with a client’s unique investment objectives.

We are deeply aware that third-party wealth management advisory services provide various levels of support, exclusive access to investment opportunities, and advice that combines local and global considerations. Those services form the basis for investment portfolios that may combine one or more of single-line equities, single-line bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), private market opportunities, structured products, alternatives (including real estate, art, and electronic currencies), derivatives, and foreign exchange. In each case, our financing and liquidity services draw the optimum liquidity out of the blend of investment assets in an advisory client’s portfolio.

Advisory solution clients that partner with us get the dual benefits of consultation and advice from their independent expert financial advisors, and financing options developed by our experts that focus their efforts on high-value liquidity transactions. This peak level of services is unparalleled in the advisory solution wealth management industry.

Institutional Clients Choose Us:

Interconnected Access

Astor Asset Management uses state of the art technology to connect its financing and liquidity services with the wealth management advisory services provided by independent advisors. This interconnectivity gives clients access to expert financing and liquidity advice regardless of the blend of assets in their portfolios. Clients whose investments encompass assets in multiple international markets appreciate the exclusive access that this interconnectivity provides to advisors with expertise in all aspects of global portfolio management.

Nimble Solutions

The independent third-party global advisors in our collaboration network have experience with strategic fundamental analysis, data research and review, and customized portfolio recommendations. Their advice, coupled with our financing and liquidity services, provides a rapid response to changing global, local, and individual circumstances with expedited delivery of results.

Local Financing Experts, Global Perspective

The independent local portfolio managers that serve our clients’ advisory wealth management needs operate out of all major international financial centers while maintaining a connection to the local markets that they serve. This gives our clients access to local and global information that can affect their wealth management structures and priorities.

*In order to become a private client of Astor Asset Management LLC, we require a minimum investment of $50 million USD. New clients are accepted by referral only.

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