Alternate Energy

In recognition of the growing importance of alternative energy, Astor Asset Management has formed alliances with third-party professional advisors whose primary focus is providing seed capital for the development, growth, and expansion of small and mid-sized companies in the alternative energy sector. Those advisors have a dedicated mission to provide a complete spectrum of financing methods and options for companies that have the strongest growth potential in the industry, including solar, wind, and thermal energy companies, and entities that offer alternative solutions, such as energy storage and uses of other alternative technologies.

Astor Asset Management’s affiliates have a major presence in the alternative energy sector, which translates into an ability to take a direct leadership role when advising on and managing investments. They have acquired extensive knowledge of developments in the alternative energy sector, including unconventional applications for oils and gases, solar, wind, geothermal, and energy storage technologies. They leverage that knowledge to deliver a full spectrum of financial products and services to companies in the alternative energy sector and to find optimal services and solutions for each investment vehicle option.

The investment areas that are the focus of our affiliates’ efforts span the entire spectrum of public and private capital. Each investment solution is created as a unique service for a client, and may include one or more of some common financing options:

  • Growth equity
  • Project finance
  • Tax equity
  • Corporate debt
  • HoldCo financing
  • Mezzanine financing
  • Derivatives
  • Leases
  • Other structured finance

Our affiliates are invested in every corner of the alternative energy market, including energy generation, power grid ancillary services, energy/fuel logistics and distribution, tax credits, and green attribute / renewable energy credits. The most prevalent alternative energy sectors include:

  • Solar (PV, thin-film, concentrated, etc., panel manufacturers and solar developers)
  • Wind (turbine manufacturers and wind developers)
  • Batteries
  • Grid services
  • Biomass and Biogas (waste-water treatment, landfill gas)
  • Geothermal
  • Alternative fuels and vehicles (liquefied natural gas, compressed natural gas, ethanol, advanced biofuels, electric vehicles, etc.)
  • Energy efficiency
  • Unconventional oil & gas and related products (e.g. natural gas liquids, liquefied natural gas, etc.)
  • Coal emissions reducers

Clients rely on Astor Asset Management and our independent affiliates for financing and liquidity services in the alternative energy sector because:

  • Our primary strength is in our people. Our affiliates are active in the alternative energy sector around the globe. They maintain an edge over our competition in the financing arena, which allows them to develop unique, creative funding plans that enhance the financial viability of clients that rely on our services.
  • Our affiliates have a broad focus in the sector. Their experience in solar, wind, biomass, biogas, geothermal, biofuels, and other energy-related industries (e.g. batteries, energy efficiency, LEDs, fuel logistics & terminals) builds on their knowledge and presence in the traditional fossil fuels (e.g. oil, gas) sector. They are all empowered to focus on strategies that lead directly to growth and expansion in alternative energy production and related midstream assets.
  • Our affiliates understand that knowledge is power. Their knowledge encompasses all types of investment products, including growth, equity, tax, loans, bonds, mezzanine, project finance, derivatives, leases, and private and public capital. This expertise enables them to provide the highest value solutions for all types of investments in the alternative energy sector.
  • Astor Asset Management and all of our affiliates seek to build an atmosphere of trust with clients. We are all committed to honoring contracts and agreements, forming long-term relationships with our borrowers, and following up promptly with substantive responses to inquiries.


Astor Asset Management has the capability to connect clients with resources for creative financial products to financing alternative energy investments, including growth equity, loans, bonds, project finance, tax equity, derivatives, leases, and private or public capital. This rich array of choices gives clients innovative and well-formed solutions in all international markets.

Astor Asset Management’s affiliates and independent advisors do not evaluate and price alternative energy risks in the traditional manner, but approach risks in niche markets that reflect their knowledge and experience in those markets. That expertise leads to a novel evaluation of unconventional risks, leading to custom-tailored financial solutions that competitors cannot match.

Our affiliates deliver capital structure solutions in the alternative energy sector from a single source with a complete package of products and services. Those single-source financing structures fall outside of traditional boundaries while remaining flexible and tax-efficient.

Our affiliates specialize in providing financing solutions for companies that otherwise do not have easy access to capital. In combination with our financing and liquidity services, our affiliates fund deals for middle-market companies, micro-cap entities, and unrated startups. We also work with companies that have complex business models and entities that show high intrinsic values compared to tangible assets or cash flow.

*In order to become a private client of Astor Asset Management LLC, we require a minimum investment of $50 million USD. New clients are accepted by referral only.

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