Astor Asset Management’s financing and liquidity services complement the efforts of the third-party private capital advisors that we work with to develop capital funding solutions for growing businesses with strong executive structures and rational business plans.

A structured approach toward capital funding solutions begins with an assessment of the intrinsic value of a company to determine investment and growth potential. When the assessment verifies that potential, private capital advisors create multiple flexible funding alternatives that span the length and breadth of the international capital markets. Private capital provides a path for multiple types of investment structures with opportunities for capital sources to fill roles as lead or minority investors and to originate debt and equity financing or a hybrid of both. Clients that have engaged in stock loan financing and liquidity transactions with us have been targets of underwritten investment offerings in a range from US$3,000,000 to US$1,000,000,000.

The optimal capital finance structures share some common characteristics:

  • They are custom-tailored, private investment transactions, uniquely underwritten by investment experts employing their unique insights to create the highest-value investment structures for the target.
  • They are marked by a financing target’s access to experienced and creative advisors that are independent and free from biases. Those advisors universally adopt a high-touch approach and understand the target on a deeper level, which leads to capital structures that are seamlessly integrated into a client’s financial model, expectations, and requirements.
  • They are founded on a long-term focus that is driven by devoting the fill time and effort that is necessary to learn and internalize the target’s needs and goals.
  • They are consistent with the expertise of the capital structure advisors. Many of the advisors in our referral network service are middle-market companies that are poised to expand into large-cap businesses.
  • They are driven by talented teams of independent advisors that have international experience and leadership with demonstrated track records for providing novel capital financing structures.
  • They are based on loyalty and trust. Astor Asset Management and the capital structure advisors in its referral network strive to maintain an atmosphere of trust with clients by honoring contracts and agreements and by providing transparent follow-on financings and related services.


Astor Asset Management and the capital funding solutions providers in its referral network are committed to delivering bespoke financing solutions that are flexible enough to meet a client’s needs and creative enough to create client value. We limit our collaborations to professional capital solutions advisors that meet our strict standards and, when necessary, that maintain licenses to provide services in a regulated environment. We look for advisors that have knowledge, expertise, and an expansive international network to help capital solutions clients achieve their visions and reach their financial goals. This commitment confers several advantages on clients that engage in transactions with us and independent advisors that we might recommend.

We limit our affiliations to capital solutions consultants that think outside of traditional boundaries with respect to sourcing capital for high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors. Those consultants structure deals as the primary or minority funder or as a co-investor and with debt, equity, or a combination of both. These solutions are appropriate for all funding needs, including mezzanine debt and capital for expansion.

We recognize and honor the unique personalities and corporate cultures that characterize each client that requires a capital funding solution. We will only work with consultants that provide solutions that are as unique as the client and we encourage full feedback from clients that facilitates the formation of the optimal capital structure transaction.

Capital funding solutions are ineffective if they do not add value. The consultants in our referral network work in tandem with executive management to identify metrics or intangibles that may add value to a client’s bottom line. The success of the funding transaction is a function of that enhanced value.

We believe in a transparent and holistic approach to transaction management and administration. In every funding transaction, executive management should have unfettered access to a consultant’s expertise, technology and research, and international funding resources. These and other resources should open unanticipated opportunities for acquisitions and exits and give clients a competitive marketplace and industry sector edge.

Astor Asset Management’s financing and liquidity knowledge extends to all industries and economic sectors. When that knowledge is applied in combination with the knowledge that the consultants in our referral network can bring, our clients receive services formed on unique, real-world insights, market trends, and individual industry dynamics. This knowledge base gives Astor Asset Management competitive leverage in financing and liquidity transactions.

Astor Asset Management and its affiliated advisors are able to close transactions quickly and efficiently, and in a manner that few of our competitors are able to match.

*In order to become a private client of Astor Asset Management LLC, we require a minimum investment of $50 million USD. New clients are accepted by referral only.

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