Pension Funds

Pension funds rely on Astor Asset Management and the independent consultants in its advisory network to help them serve the needs of their clients to achieve and maintain retirement security. This requires considerations of near-term wealth management strategies and long-term goals for generational wealth.

Risk Management

The experts in our international network assist pension funds to offset risk and to deliver sustainable development with strategies that protect investor capital and provide sustainable growth.

Innovation And Growth

The innovation brought to research, asset selection, structuring investment products, and addressing economic cycles helps pension funds reduce operating costs and uncover hidden revenue streams for the benefit of their clients.

Relationship And Growth

Astor Asset Management develops and fosters close relationships and partnerships with pension plans, which reduces turnover and administrative costs and creates long-term trust through bull and bear markets.

*In order to become a private client of Astor Asset Management LLC, we require a minimum investment of $50 million USD. New clients are accepted by referral only.

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